Immunoprofiling Resources

Essential Resources

What is Immunoprofiling (aka Immune Profiling)Provides an introduction. Provides background about immunoprofiling's importance and describes the general sample to results workflow. 
How Does Immunoprofiling Work? Provides genetic maps of antibodies and T-Cell receptor genes and discusses how immune receptor diversity is created via gene rearrangement. After the biology background immunoprofiling experimental details are described.   
BCR is the New Antibody, TCR is still a T Cell ReceptorCompares and contrasts antibodies and T-Cell receptors with an info graphic and accompanying text. 
How is a Bioinformatician Like Odysseus?Documentation, in a story format, about how to set a cloud computing resource for immunoprofiling.  Needs to be updated for this hackathon. 
ImmunoSeq Analyzer (Adaptive Biotechnologies) A tool we will use for comparative bioinformatics. 
T-cell receptor sequencing of early stage breast cancer tumors identifies altered clonal structure of the T-cell repertoire 
An example dataset, overview with links to data, for comparative bioinformatics. 


Additional background links

Teaching Immuno-bioinformtics in CyverseA description of general cloud computing.  
Slides for Immuno-biotechnology and Bioinformatics in Community CollegesA slide presentation overview of the first instantiation of the immuno-bioinformatics course. 
Introduction to Immuno-BioinformaticsAn early introduction to immuno-bioinformatics
AIRR (Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire) FormatA standard sequence annotation format for immune receptors. 
iReceptorA data discovery platform that facilitates the curation, analysis and sharing of antibody/B-cell and T-cell receptor repertoires (Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire or AIRR-seq data)