Hackathon teams

A great aspect of hackathons is that you will all work in teams on specific projects.  Teams can function more smoothly when team members have different roles. The team members will work together to assign roles on the first day.  

Roles What does this person do?
team lead schedules meetings, manages team, helps organize steps in the project
tech lead (computer)

This is the person who can help with Slack, QUBESHub, iCn3D, Zoom, can help coordinate Zoom meetings

tech lead (wet lab) understands the experiments
writer record group progress, put into QUBESHub
technical writer write instructions
data wranglers (find data) find data, know databases
quality control, testing   software - testing software, testing instructions
quality control, testing   wet lab - work out QC for wet lab
coding (only some teams) write short pieces of code
edu/URE planner? figuring out how to turn into research project for a course

subject matter

person who knows about the subject
purchasing expert find where to order things
artist help design logos
presentation maker

This can also be the writer, or team lead.  This person makes the Powerpoint or Keynote slides for the presentations